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One Home At a Time

Epivest Homes started as a small husband/wife family operation in 2014 in Southern California. Thru years of purchasing and designing beautiful homes for themselves in addition to one of the owners having an interior design background, they were consistently asked by friends and family to help design and manage small projects for their homes over the years. It was with this inspiration and “calling” that brought about the idea to start a company whereby they can share their creativity and love for this business with their community. The initial projects for Epivest Homes were started in Los Angeles, CA where the owners are originally from to eventually expanding out to southern Arizona due to other obligations that brought them out.

Almost five years later the company has successfully completed over 40 different projects throughout southern Arizona and California and is now looking to become a premium builder of mid-level to high-end luxurious homes built with keen focus on quality craftsmanship and detail to construction. Our main goal is to provide exceptional homes that change the landscape of the neighborhood and communities they reside with not only quality construction but top notch customer service for our buyers/clients that’s starts the day you sign a purchase contract with us! We are confident that with every relationship we form we will provide housing with peace of mind that will take away the challenges that can present themselves when it comes to new homeownership.

Our team looks forward to working with all of our new homeowners who we consider our life long partners in real estate and truly appreciate your interest in working with us.